Nyjah Drops Into The Gaming World Collaborating With ASUS ROG

Love gaming? Love skating? Nyjah's signature gaming laptop has you're back

Nyjah Huston never ceases to surprise his fans, and with his latest expedition, he's done just that. Huston and the Republic of Gamers have teamed up to design a limited-edition ASUS ROG Strix gaming laptop.

Republic of Gamers motto is "those who dare", so choosing Nyjah for this collaboration is more than fitting. Huston is a self-proclaimed "gamer" himself, using his downtime playing Halo and other shooters. A video accompanies the statement where Nyjah restates the fearless and committed attitude to everything he does by saying, "failure is the biggest part of skateboarding; whatever you do in life, it just teaches you to push through." Get a look at the video below:

Along with this partnership, Nyjah has just announced an alliance with MVMT to create a signature watch. Predicting the prolific skater's next move is near impossible, which makes following Huston's career that bit more exciting. 

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