Nike SB Unveils New “Mosiac” Colorway

The whole is more than a sum of its parts

Nike SB has made use of its “Mosaic” design before. The “Mosaic” is designed to look patchy and sort of tossed together, but of course the design is actually quite meticulous. They might be a bit busy for some people, and the pieced-together swoosh is maybe a little clunky, but they are at least different and pretty cool. Now, Nike SB has dipped its toe into the “Mosaic” design again with the Nike SB Blazer Mid PRM with a new colorway. The description says the shoe is a mixture of “earthy tones,” but with pops of color. In particular, there are a few shades of blue in there, including some bright blue shoelaces. What is pretty cool is that even the midsoles are a mixture of colors and textures. The only release date we have so far is August 1 for Nike China, but the Nike SB Blazer Mid PRM “Mosaic” might hit other stores soon too. For now, you can at least enjoy this look at them.

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