Nigel Alexander Stops By The Nine Club

One of the first ones pushing skate in YT

Nigel Alexander is a big deal in the skateboarding content scene, with almost half a million people following his awesome YouTube channel, NKA Vids. He spends most of his days working his camera magic to capture all the rad moments of skateboarding. Recently, Nigel sat down for a talk with The Nine Club, where he spilled the beans about his journey and gave us the lowdown on how things really went down.


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Starting from the ground up, Nigel got his foot in the door thanks to a job and sponsorship from 118 Boardshop. But the real game-changer? Running into none other than skateboarding legend Paul Rodriguez was a turning point that pushed Nigel deeper into the skateboarding world. Getting his hands on his very first camera was another big moment, letting him dive headfirst into the world of filming skateboarding action.

You've probably seen Nigel's sick work, like the Forecast video, where he flexed his creative muscles and showed off his knack for capturing skateboarding in an exciting way. He didn't stop there, Nigel even set up to show his love for the skateboarding community. And don't even mention his impact on YouTube, where he played a key role in boosting skateboarding's presence. Nigel's journey is a mix of passion, dedication, and a touch of YouTube wizardry that has made NKA Vids a go-to spot for skate fans.

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