Nick Vieweg’s London DIY Documentary ‘The Grove’

This short documentary documents a young DIY in London, England

A group of skaters partnered to construct a DIY skatepark during the 2020 lockdown in an abandoned car park of 'The Grove,' which used to be a local pub until a large fire broke out and destroyed it. 'The Grove' spoke with the skaters participating in the project to learn more about the rebel-style construction.

Once lockdown had kicked in, and most people were receiving 'furlough' it meant these guys were getting paid but had no work to do and a lot of free time on their hands.
That's when they decided to put their money into stacks of cement from one of the only remaining stores that were allowed to stay open; 'B&Q' became their daily go-to as they constantly went back and forth for DIY supplies.

In this documentary, we are shown just how easy it is to become involved in your local skate scene and connect with people who you maybe thought had no desire to hang out at first. All it takes is a common interest and a passion for doing it on a daily basis, even when it means you need to fix up some potholes and get messy. Everyone, including yourself, are thankful for it in the end, and in this case, even the council too!


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