We visit Menza DIY, Croatia

Zadar's best kept secret

One of the first things I noticed when I arrived in Croatia was how smooth the floor is. Like everywhere. I was shocked that the Old Town of Zadar was so skateable, and even more shocked to see there wasn’t a single skater about. Anywhere. Where were they all? It honestly baffles me that there seemed to be no skate scene in the city of Zadar. I searched up google maps and found one skatepark listed on there. It was a 10 minute skate from where I was staying and it seemed to be a DIY built by the locals.
Finally, some sign of life, I had my finger on the beating pulse of what I thought to be a dead skate scene. 


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When I arrived I immediately noticed how sketchy it was. A bunch of abandoned blocks next to a building site. From what I could see on maps, it was telling me to go into one of these buildings, I was unnerved but also knew I had to see it through. 


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First thing I saw as I turned a corner round the side of the building was a fresh new bowl, super smooth concrete. Unfortunately, It had rained a few days before and there was no drainage system at the bottom so it wasn’t skateable this time but best believe I will rectify that at some point. 


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Feeling less jumpy at this area now, I decided to check out what the inside had to offer. Kickers, hips, quarters, humps and rails-galore. What an oddly satisfying space. The tiled floor, boarded up windows, plants growing from the cracks and bright coloured graffiti gave a happy atmosphere to an otherwise unhappy looking building. I had a little razz around, mainly on the quarter and did eventually decide to leave as I was the only one there and it felt somewhat eerie, however, I was really impressed with the work the locals had done to make it an inviting and exciting space. I’d love to visit again at the height of summer when I can imagine the place is buzzing with young skaters and travelers passing through because It’s got a great community feel about it. There was no litter or hazardous looking objects, or signs of crime or dodgy happenings. It had a community garden outside and some cute benches around the bowl, you could see this is clearly a place that is loved and cherished by all who use it and it’s so nice to see an otherwise abandoned building used so creatively.

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