Mob Grip Spends a Day with Ace Pelka in Long Beach

It’s a long skating session, but a good one

Ace Pelka pops up in a lot of skating videos, though he doesn’t do much popping up on his board. The dude is a king of doing slappies, though he has more skills than grinding without leaving the ground. All his various points of acumen are on display in this video from Mob Grips. The grip tape brand picked a smart guy to showcase because a skater like Pelka will really put grip tape through its paces. Especially on a hot summer day like the one this video was shot on. If the tape can stay grippy even when it’s getting pounded with sweat, you know it’s legit.

Pelka took Mob Grips around Long Beach, hitting up song of the area’s skating hotspots. Of course, on a scorcher of the day, those hotspots feel a lot more literal. They travel around, Pelka does his thing, and as hot as it gets he stays cool. And the grips stay strong. See the highlights of Mob’s day with Ace above.

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