Matt Rodriguez Brings Us a Seasonal Blend

Hang loose to start 2021

This is a heady day here at Dose, apparently. We featured a video from Kouki Arima that was released alongside an interview where he said, “If I quit, all I’ll have left is regret.” Now, we bring you Seasonal Blends 2020, a new video from skater Matt Rodriguez and filmer Logan Lewis. They say that the video is dedicated to, “All the fellow rollers who passed this year and many years before. They all have inspired us and we now have to stay rolling steady invoking the creative times they left behind.” So yeah, that’s pretty serious. 2020 was indeed a rough year, and we’re all hoping 2021 will be better. Watching Rodriguez in action might help make that happen, if only a bit. The man is known for his loose trucks, so here’s hoping you can hang loose and chill out in the new year. Watch the video above.

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