Mason Silva & Ryan Lee At The Nine Club

Mason & Ryan's locations, filming and upcoming project

In a recent episode of The Nine Club, they had a lively chat with skateboarder Mason Silva and filmmaker Ryan Lee. They dove into the world of skate videos, emphasizing the crucial role that filmmakers and photographers play in capturing classic skateboarding moments.



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During the podcast, Ryan shared insights on scouting spots for Mason, ensuring they find the perfect locations to showcase his skateboarding skills. They discussed their collab on Curren Caples' latest part, with Ryan capturing Curren's tricks and unique style. Mason's notable moments were also highlighted, including his recreation of the classic Huf ollie photo, cementing his place in skateboarding history.


They delved into the challenges of securing music rights for video parts and touched upon Mason's SOTY trip and Ryan's appearance in an Apple commercial. The conversation also went on Mason's stylish new Nike Blazers and their filming endeavors for an upcoming video project. The episode was packed with memorable skateboarding stories.



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