Mark Metzner Checks Out Backlands For Vague

Let’s get off the beaten path!

It’s always nice to have “your spot.” That’s true when it comes to, say, knowing the best public restroom in your area (aka the George Costanza), but it’s also true with skateboarding. These spots off the beaten path feel special, and they let you skate in peace. Well we hope that Mark Metzner didn’t blow up any of your personal spots in his new video Backlands, which was premiered by Vague. Metzner, like us, is from Germany, though he calls Manneheim home. The Arrow & Beast skater hit up some awesome places to skate that aren’t necessarily obvious. Sometimes it takes a little effort to find a place to skate, but that effort can make it all the sweeter. It’s like panning for gold, but without any old-timey prospectors to bother you with their hooting and hollering. Check out Backlands above (and Metzner’s interview with Vague here).

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