Macba Life x Televisi Star Capsule

Macba Life x Televisi Star Capsule

Invoking 90's skate spirit

Suppose you haven’t known Macba Life for more than six years. In that case, it shares unbelievable skateboarding right outside the MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art) in various ways, either through their Instagram or YouTube channel.



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So the Catalan-based online platform and brand Macba Life brings us its nostalgic 90’s, skate-style goods to everyone who wants to proudly wear what embodies one of the most famous skating spots. By connecting with the Indonesian clothing brand Televi Star.

Their Fall/Winter 22/23 collection consists of a wide range of casual and high-quality pieces. The Sunflower character from Televi Star is a steppingstone for this capsule, being on every item. The Joint capsule features a vest, a hoodie, a graphic t-shirt, two hats, and three baggy pants.



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A highlight of the collection is a black vest jacket that features Quilted Nylon, and an embroidered logo, all around stunning. Another is a pair of black corduroy baggy pants with an embroidered logo on the front that is the Macba Life one, and Sunflower Filmer also comes with an Elastic Waist, so you can board slide on those silky-smooth ledges in style.

Check out our gallery to get a closer look at everything. The capsule collection is now available online and in selected stores.


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