Louie Barletta Invented MOB Grip?

No Bubble, No Trouble!

In a recent short documentary released on the MOB Griptapes YouTube channel, they follow Louie around as he reminisces on the good times, his first ever 'first- try,' Louie Flatbarletta, and how he invented MOB.

At one point in the video, Louie mentions that the spot they are currently at used to be a huge bust, meaning everything had to be done first try, more or less. Then just as it's happening to him, he explains that even in his fifties, he still has to deal with getting kicked out from spots and that it's just as easy to get kicked now as it was back then when originally trying to get the clip.

Right at the end of the video, after them nosing around in his garage, Louie comes across the very makeshift tool that is the reason for the holes in MOB. They briefly discuss how Louie had originally come up with MOB's signature anti-air bubble feature by using the homemade tool that he budged together to poke the holes into the sheets of grip, preventing any annoying air bubbles...And that right there is how MOB started!

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