Zion Wright Talks Living in a Skate House for Red Bull

It was definitely not all fun and games

Depending on where you live in the world, you might not be familiar with the living arrangements many young folks find themselves in when they decide to move to bigger, more expensive cities. Take, for example, Los Angeles. That city is filled with aspiring actors, writers, standups, musicians, you name it. Since the city is so pricy, they often find themselves coming together to rent a house (frequently in a not-so-great neighborhood) and pack it full of roommates. It’s not surprising to see an entire seven-person improv troupe living in one three-bedroom house. Skateboarders are no different, and California has played home to many a skate house over the years. Zion Wright found himself in some skate house situations when he left Florida for California as a teenager, and he recently shared some stories from that time with Red Bull. Let’s just say it wasn’t as fun as you might think. Hear Wright’s tales above.

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