Less Than Local Presents, Yummy Time

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Food has always been a great magnet. Drawing people of all backgrounds to rooms and restaurants to break bread or catch up.

That’s why Yummy Time is a fitting title for the newest video from the Los Angeles-based Less Than Local Skate Co.


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Roundtable team meals, lounging in airports. Plenty of downtime drinks and hijinks. This family slideshow even makes the use of natural sound integral to the video’s soundtrack. For a skate video, it isn’t so rare to find diegetic audio heard beneath the beats of chosen part songs. But here piano solos and karaoke bar tunes are used at length, making this a rawer, but true-to-life, presentation. It’s a home-cooked-equivalent skate video where we’re served Super 8 footage and animation between sick dishes of creative skating during the team’s trip through Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Now streaming on the Less Than Local YouTube channel. Dig in.

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