Kevin Braun Shows Off His Setup and His Skills

Santa Cruz is delivering gifts like Santa Claus

If you watch any Santa Cruz videos, you’ve probably seen Kevin Braun. He pops up in their output all the time like he’s Abe Vigoda on Conan O’Brien’s old talk show. Have you been curious about the board that Braun is riding in all those videos? Well now you can find out what Braun’s board is all about. He’s in Santa Cruz’s latest edition of What I’m Riding. We get the specifications on Braun’s setup, from the deck to the rest of the layout. That’s all well and good and interesting, but there is more to the video, and that’s why we’re here. This episode of What I’m Riding is shot at the iconic skate spot the Waller Street Ledges. Since they are shooting there, Braun naturally takes on the Ledges himself. Good intel, better skating. Enjoy it all above.

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