Jonas Wray has Passed Away

The longtime skater has left us all behind

The skateboarding world took another gut punch recently, as skater Jonas Wray has passed away. Jonas and his brother Jeremy were staples of the landscape for decades. Folks that Jonas influenced are still making an impact in skating today, which is just a way for his influence to grow even further. Back in 2013, the Wrays founded Wraybros, and that wasn’t the end of Jonas’ output.

Now, though, Wray shall skate no more unfortunately. While he was able to skate for many years, obviously he still passed on well before his time. Condolences to his family, including his brother Jeremy. We found this photo of Jonas back in the day on the X Games website which is a reminder of how high he rose in the skateboarding world.

For now, you can also still check out his Instagram as well. RIP.


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