Jamie Griffin and Others Strive to Set Skateboarding World Records

Do they succeed?

Are you familiar with the Guinness Book of World Records? Back in the day, if you were a kid the idea of the Guinness Book was probably a source of endless fascination. Also, a source of photos of people with crazy long fingernails. Guinness is still out there chronicling records around the globe, and that includes skateboarding.

Recently, Guinness hosted a skateboarding event at Hop Kingdom in London, which was headlined by Jamie Griffin. He wasn’t the only skateboarder there, though, and several skaters went through a series of events in hopes of setting new world records. They were largely of the “Most whatever in a minute” records, such as inverted heelflips or, um, blindfolded kickflips. Hey, if it gets you in the book! Did Griffin and his compatriots set any records at Hop Kingdom? Watch this video and find out!

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