Jamie Foy and Red Bull Skateboarding Tackle New Orleans

The crew makes their tricks look easy in the Big Easy

A little while back, we shared Red Bull Skateboarding’s video where Jamie Foy and Brandon Valjalo competed against one another at an airport in New Orleans that was given a skatepark makeover. It was pretty cool. Of course, there is so much more to NOLA than the airport, and Red Bull didn’t keep Foy and company cooped up there. Instead, they got to visit the city and get some skating in.



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Joined by local Jordan Trahan who shows them some top spots, this trip around New Orleans features more than Foy and Valjalo. Maurio McCoy, Sean O’Connor, and Jake Wooten were also in the mix. The Big Easy is a party town, but how is it as a skating town? 



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