Jagger Eaton Gets His Moment in the Late Night Sun

The medal winner made his talk show debut

The Americans did not have the success many expected at the Tokyo Olympics when it came to skateboarding. Sure, the United States won the most gold medals total across all the sports, but only one American skateboarder managed to bring home a medal. That would be Jagger Eaton, who won the bronze in the men’s street competition. While it’s not a gold medal, countries do tend to enjoy their medal winners. Combine that with the novelty of skateboarding making its Olympic debut, Eaton’s star has risen. In fact, he recently got to make a take show appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Granted, Kimmel is on vacation right now, so the show was being hosted by David Spade. Still, this proves the point that skateboarding being at the Olympics is really growing the sport. Could you have imagined any skater other than Tony Hawk being on a talk show before this? Want to see how Eaton did chatting with Spade. You can watch his appearance in the video above.

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