Ikeda's Olympics Hopes Dashed

Ikeda caught with pot

Daisuke Ikeda, one of Tokyo's hottest skateboarding stars, is in hot water. The 22-year-old was caught with weed and is now at risk of derailing his promising career. As a role model for up-and-coming skaters, Ikeda's bust during a routine police check has left fans and skaters worldwide shook.



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The arrest was totally unexpected and now puts a huge question mark on Ikeda's involvement in the highly anticipated Tokyo Olympics. The Olympics have strict rules for athletes on and off the field, so breaking them - like getting caught with drugs - can lead to some serious consequences, such as being disqualified or suspended, which sucks.

Now, it's up to the decision-makers to figure out what to do with Ikeda's Olympic dreams, and fans are waiting anxiously to hear the verdict and thinking about how hard it is for athletes to deal with fame and success.


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