Hugo Corbin Promotes his New Pulsar Bearings

See his speed in action

Straight out of France comes Hugo Corbin, who just reached that important milestone in life: Getting your first signature pro model bearings. Pulsar has shown Corbin some love, and now Pulsar and Corbin are showing us what the skater can do with his bearings on his boards. If you’re a skater, you know what a different a clean, quality set of bearings can do for you. Corbin certainly knows that, and he puts his bearings to the test in 6 Ball. The Frenchman knows how to build up speed, but he also knows what to do with it.

In this edit you see a lot of Corbin’s skills on display, including some real impressive grinds and board slides. Congratulations to Hugo Corbin, and thanks for the edit from Pulsar, which you can enjoy in the video above.

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