Get to Know Paul Rodriguez in Five Videos

The skateboarding icon has got the goods

Paul Rodriguez, aka P-Rod is one of the biggest names in skateboarding. In addition to his skills on the board, he’s one of the co-founders of Primitive. He has gotten into the personal YouTube channel world, again getting in at the forefront, where he will drop skate stuff but also, like, just show off some guitars he got. You know, the kind of stuff only icons get away with.

Want to get “the deal” with Rodriguez? What’s he all about? Here are five videos that help capture P-Rod.

We’ll start with DEFINE, a full-length from Primitive. Sure, he’s only part of the video, but Primitive is his company. It’s what he’s all about.



Let’s go way back. Thirteen years ago, Active Ride Shop spent a day with a promising skater called P-Rod.



On his own YouTube page, Rodriguez dropped a video called Me, Myself, & I. Probably worth including, right?



Fairly recently, Complex sat down with Rodriguez and had him pick his favorite Nike SBs of all time. They go deep.



Finally, a P-Rod part from Primitive called, simply, What the P-Rod? It’s distilled Rodriguez in a couple of minutes' time.


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