Get a Lesson in Ollieing From Maurio McCoy

Spruce up your technique with the help of a pro

When you first get on a skateboard, one of the first tricks you try and do is an ollie. It’s so simple on the surface. Of course, if you have actually ever tried to ollie you know it isn’t necessarily as easy as it looks. It takes skill, and it takes time to hone your craft. Whether you are new to skateboarding or are just looking to get better at ollieing, Santa Cruz wants to help. They’ve released a new video featuring Santa Cruz’s own team rider Maurio McCoy. Now, McCoy doesn’t need any tips on how to ollie. Watching the video makes that clear. It also makes him a great person to learn the skill from. Now, being able to do something doesn’t mean you are necessarily good at teaching it. That’s why so many great athletes end up being bad coaches. However, this video should be able to help you improve your ollie abilities. If not, well, we’d say you could ask for your money back but the video is free.

Want a board to practice your ollies on? Santa Cruz has plenty of options available on their website.

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