Eric Dressen has Thought a Lot About His Trucks

And he’s happy to share his thoughts in this video

Eric Dressen has forgotten more about trucks than most of us will ever know. The dude is a true living legend. Way back in 1979, when skateboarding was still relatively new to the world, Dressen first hopped on a board with Independent trucks on them. Now, 41 years later, he’s still loyal to Indy and their trucks. Dressen appears in this new My Indys video where he talks about, well, trucks. The man has had decades to figure out his setup and what he likes best. In addition to digging down into the technical aspects of his setup, and what he likes in trucks, he also talks a bit about those first trucks he used way back in the ‘70s when he was helping to make a name for not just himself, but for skateboarding. Watch Dressen wax nostalgic right here.

Independent trucks have served Dressen well, and they could serve you well too.

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