Enjoi Are In Financial Trouble

Could this be the end for Enjoi?

Dwindle Distribution's Enjoi Skateboards has been struggling financially, and the company's failure to pay its bills has resulted in several suppliers and vendors being left in the lurch, as they are still waiting for the payments that don't seem to be being taken care of.



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With Barletta leaving the company he's a key player in, it's a clear sign that Enjoi has fucked up big time, as he would have given his all for this company once upon a time.

Enjoi Skateboards, owe over $200,000 worth of unpaid invoices. This news came to light directly after the announcement that the company will cease operations, leaving many in the skateboarding community shocked and saddened.



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As the Jacuzzi unlimited site owned by Barletta states, "For the mere price of $200,000, you can pay back all of the unpaid invoices to your favorite professional skateboarders, videographers, photographers, artists, graphic designers, and more!"

Followed by, "honestly, it's probably more".

Enjoi Skateboards' financial troubles serve as a reminder of the challenges faced by small businesses, particularly in the current economic climate.

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