Gabriel Fortunato is in Action For Bones Wheels

And we’re fortunate to have this video to enjoy

In the last few years, Gabriel Fortunato has seen his stock soar. The Brazilian skater is only 22, but he shows up all over the place. If there’s a contest, you might find Fortunato there, and he has appeared in dozens of videos since he first started making a splash in the skating world. Fortunato isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That doesn’t mean every video isn’t worth giving a watch, like his latest one from Bones Wheels.

Sometimes the video we share with you have a hook or something that we can play off of when writing about them. That isn’t the case with this video from Bones and Fortunato. However, not everybody needs a gimmick. This is three minutes and some change of one of the best in the game showing us his skills. Early on he gets massive air to ollie over a railing and it only gets better from there. Fortunato seems fearless on the board. You’ll enjoy the video so much you’ll feel it in your bones. Check it out now.

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