Drake Wins Pharrell Williams’ Jacob & Co Skateboard Chain Auction

The recording artist has bought a skate chain

Drake has been seen on Instagram flexing with the Jacob & Co. Skateboard chain, which was previously owned by Pharell Williams; he recently put it up for auction.

The chain has 22K Yellow Gold with White, Pink, and Yellow Diamonds. 35.27-carat weight (est.). Weighing a total of 401.4 grams.

Although neither of them skate, Pharell is a huge fan of skateboarding and has sponsored professional skateboarders to revive his Ice Cream product line under his Billionaire Boys Club company.



Drake is currently one of the most famous and successful artists, whether you think his music is dogshit or not. But let's not get into debates about that. However, we do know that apart from the famous (fake) sw back tail meme, he also doesn't ride a skateboard and never has done.
That meme is good, though!

So why would he spend so much money on a chain with two dangling gold set-ups? Are we going to start seeing clips of Drake skating sometime soon? Maybe he will he be the next pro on Thank-you Skateboards alongside Lil Wayne? 

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