Join the DOSE Crew as they hit the streets of Berlin

First vlog of the new season is up!

Welcome to our first vlog of the new season! featuring Deo, Isidor, Erik (aka Wavybaby), and Gino. Join the crew as they hit the streets of Berlin on a freezing day with the ground covered in snow, for a skate, you know… As you do!

While seeking spots and dry ground in an indoor car park, the guys come across a perfect 8-stair handrail. Deo manages to put down a line starting with a stylish front shuv on flat, ending with a floaty ollie over the handrail.

Considering the weather sucked and it was as cold as fuck, it seems the crew made the most out of what they had, but with security on their ass at every spot, they decided to conclude the video with a classic evening session at Skatehalle Berlin. The crew skate there until the lights get shut off, and even Skatehalle had to give us the boot! (It was closing time).

Wavy is wearing the Li-Ning x Erik Ellington sneakers, available for 155 USD here.
Deo is wearing a Daily Paper jacket and sweater; find out more here.

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