Deo Katunga Releases New Part for Stinky Socks

The brand takes it back to where it all began

Stinky Socks,  our most beloved sock brand born in the streets of Bulgaria and raised in the world by a collective of friends, have released the latest installment to their video series, this time showcasing none other than Deo Katunga. For this video, Stinky went back to their roots in order to produce a video that was filmed entirely in Sofia, Bulgaria. It’s fair to say that when you think of skateboarding, Bulgaria isn’t one of the first location’s that comes to mind – but Deo is on a mission to challenge that, and honestly, it’s refreshing to see some of the spots Bulgaria has to offer. 

You can check out Deo’s part for Stinky Socks in the video above, and if you’re in the market for some rad socks, then take a look at the Stinky Socks website.

Photography: Veliko Balabanov

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