Deathwish is Deep in the Heart of Texas

Don’t try some of these tricks at home. Or do. We aren’t in charge of you.

Texas is a big state where everything is bigger, but it doesn’t get a ton of attention from skaters. Don’t tell that to the Deathwish Skateboards crew, though. They recently took a trip from Albuquerque, New Mexico to the Lone Star State and they brought their boards with them. Oh, and they tried to live up to the name sake of the company. Deathwish searched out some spots with a reputation for danger to film some parts at.

Hey, if you call your skateboard company “Deathwish” you’d better not just grind some curbs. Check out Jamie Foy, Sean O’Connor, Neen Williams, and some other skaters willing to take a risk or two in the above video.
Even if you don’t have a death wish, you can get a board from Deathwish.

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