Dean Lane Hardcore Funday Returns

A Bristol tradition that’s absolute chaos!

Bristol is home to one of the oldest skateparks in the UK. Created in the 70’s back when everyone rode pool boards, Dean Lane has gained attention around the globe. September 4th marks the annual Dean Lane Hardcore Funday, an event that lives up to its name and is not for the light hearted. 

Built on a downhill decline, skaters bomb down hitting serval makeshift obstacles to meet a huge pyramid for some serious air time. As riders scramble for balance approaching the bottom they have a choice, either carve into some gnarly quarters or try their luck on the hip, a literal curved wall over a story high - you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen someone try to blunt stall this. The ground is rough and you’re bound to see a few people stack it. If you don’t leave with blood on you from skating it’s probably from one of the copious fights that crack off. Punk music blares as you drink cans of cheap lager into the night listening to a local drunk go on about the time thrasher turned up. 

Entry is free and as stated in the event bio… “Nothing meaner, No one is in charge, We are STILL the real underground”. If you need some extra convincing, check out the 2017 event in the video above courtesy of sidewalk mag. 

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