DC Shoes Celebrate a New Collab with a Video

What better way to celebrate, well, anything?

DC Shoes and Amsterdam’s Pop Trading Company have joined forces for a collaboration. The folks at DC are quite happy about it. In fact, in order to celebration the new partnership, they decided to put out a new video. This edit features Logan Da Silva Ortiz, but as they say in the world of skate videos, the more the merrier. As such, watch out for appearances from the likes of Jahmir Brown, Noah Bunink, and John Shanahan. Does the video captures the feelings of excitement the folks at DC have? Perhaps by watching the video you can catch their vibes and get on their emotional wavelength. Or, you know, you’ll just see some cool skateboarding tricks. 

Here at Dose, we’re still celebrating our first apparel collection, which is in our store right now. 

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