Creature Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Their New Deck Series

The artist for the Phantasm series gets his moment in the sun

Creature is a brand that is built around its aesthetic. That means when they are putting together a new deck series they have a lot to live up to. Their new Phantasm Pro VX series is another trip into the lush grotesquery that defines Creature. They’re filling a specific niche that definitely has its adherents in the world of skating. For the Phantasm series, Creature turned to artist George Campise, who gets a profile in a new video from the brand. Unsurprisingly, Campise is also a tattoo artist, and he talks about his process and his board art from War Horse Tattoo in Berkeley, California, his personal parlor. Want to see the new series from Creature and get the scoop on the creative process? This is the video for you.

You can pick up a Phantasm Pro VX series board through Creature today.

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