Check Out Willis Kimbel as He Skates Portland

Note: We didn’t say skates in Portland

Are you the kind of person who uses a skateboard as a mode of transportation? Then you may be able to relate to this video from OJ Wheels. Willis Kimbel, with OJs on his board, went on a little excursion that OJ calls “Thunder Juicin’.” Yeah, we don’t know what that means, but it is definitely evocative. What it seems to mean, though, is that Kimbel and his board decided to go on a trip cruising all through Portland, Oregon.

Now, when we say he cruises through Oregon, we mean it. The video claims that Kimbel covers the entire city of Portland on his trip. Portland is a pretty big city, so that sounds like a daunting task. And yet, would we put it past Kimbel? Not entirely. We only wish we knew the city well enough to know if he skipped any parts of Stumptown. Maybe we have readers based in Portland? If so, let us know how well Kimbel did. And if you see him skating around town sometime soon, tell him that Dose says hi. He’ll be confused as hell, probably, but that’s OK with us. Anyway, if you have ever wanted to see somebody “Thunder Juice,” it feels like this video is your chance to do that.

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