Check Out Steve Caballero’s New Ramp From Skatelite

The miniramp brought some old friends around as well

Steve Caballero is about to turn 56, and he’s been skating for decades at this point. He’s skated many a ramp, so he knows a thing or two about what makes a good ramp. When he was putting together a new mini ramp in his California backyard, he turned to Skatelite for the occasion. In turn, Skatelite has put together a video on Caballero’s new ramp, showcasing their wares as well as the skating acumen of Cab and his friends.

Caballero’s “Panda Ramp” is heavy on bamboo accents, and it looks pretty cool. It should also be pretty durable, given Skatelite’s reputation. Apparently, Skatelite ramps are designed to last for more than a decade, even in the sun-bleached California landscape. Joining Caballero for the occasion are some of his friends like Alphonzo Rawls and Salman Agah. It’s cool that Caballero is still skating, and is dedicated enough to put a new ramp in his yard. Hopefully, the Panda Ramp is in good shape for a while. Get a look at Cab’s ramp

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