Check Out Some Swedish Skaters in Tele32

Just because it’s winter in Scandinavia doesn’t mean you can’t skate!

You might think that skating in the winter in a place like Sweden would be nigh on impossible. The weather would seemingly get in the way. You’ll have to set your board aside and spend those months skiing and in saunas and stuff, right? Not necessarily! There are ways around a Swedish winter when you just need to skate. Watch the video Tele32 if you need some proof of that. In this video, you can see Scandinavian skaters like Martin Sandberg, Nisse Ingemarsson, Hampus Jansson, Konrad Annerud, Lilla Yani, and the Axels, Berggren and Lindquist, doing their best to get their skate on during a Swedish winter. Hey, sometimes all you need is a bench and a board to do your magic. Give Tele32 a watch above.

Watch more skate action from Malmö, Sweden at Vert Attack:

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