Check Out Three Santa Cruz Shorts

With a roster this impressive, a brand is spoiled for content

Santa Cruz skateboards have been around for 50 years, but it doesn’t rest on their laurels. That’s true even after the team won Red Bull Skateboarding’s No Rewind contest. Instead, recently Santa Cruz has been churning out shorts highlighting different skaters, with three notable ones having dropped in quick succession.
The first short is more focused on highlighting the Street Creep deck, though it does feature a dude flipping a board in a plastic bag, not to mention riding two boards at once later.

Then, there’s an incredible clip of Jan Hirt tackling what is probably a top-five craziest rail grind we’ve ever seen. Seriously, if you only check one of these out, make it that one.

Finally, there’s Fabiana Delfino. What really stands out about her is the speed with which she attacks everything. Is she always in fifth gear? Santa Cruz puts out some of our favorite skate parts, but the shorts deliver as well.

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