Check Out Kieran Woolley’s New Indy Part

He’s what’s up Down Under

Kieran Woolley is about to have his Olympic moment. The skater is representing Australia in the park event at the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Yes, after we got to enjoy the street event and realize that there are some really good 13-year-old-girl skateboarders it’s now time to live that park life. Woolley will hope to raise his profile – and score a medal for the Aussies – and we won’t count him out. Want to see what Woolley is capable of? Timing is everything, and Independent Trucks recently dropped a new part starring Woolley. The man is aggressive on his board, and we imagine he’s bringing some of that aggression to the Tokyo Olympics. Give Woolley a watch for Indy right here. It’s possible by the time you read this he might be an Olympic medalist.

Indy has been arguably the biggest name in trucks for decades, and that’s still true today. Visit their website today for a look at what they have on offer.

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