Tiago Lemos Loves His Indy Trucks

And he’s happy to show you

When you buy a skateboard, what do you consider? Is it all about the look? Do you count how many things are on fire on the deck’s artwork and that’s that? Hey, no judgments. That being said, if you are a skateboarding professional, you care about the logistics of your setup. That includes trucks. Independent is at the top of the list when it comes to trucks, and Tiago Lemos is a fan. This edition of My Indys is literally titled “Tiago Lemos Says a Better Turning Truck Doesn’t Exist.”

That’s a reminder that a video like this is as much an advertisement as a skating edit. It doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy seeing Lemos in action, though, and he clearly knows a thing or two about setting up a skateboard for success. Check it out in the above video.

Want some Indy trucks of your own? Head over to their website to see what they have available.

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