Chad Muska Has Reunited with éS Skateboarding

The rumors are true, Chad Muska is back on éS

Recently, rumors have led people to believe that Chad Muska is back with éS and that he's currently working on a shoe with them. Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, Chad Muska was a main figure for the company and was one of their best and most well-known riders.
The rumors are true, and Muska leaked his news via social media.

Muska went on to say the following:

"Something fréSh coming soon!" Muska said. "This is a little early still, but the word has hit the streets so I figured I would share some video tests I've been working on here at my house.



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I'm super excited to finally say I've reunited with éS Skateboarding to reissue the first shoe I released with them in 1997." He added. "This shoe sparked a long history with footwear design for me that has continued till this day.

More information to come… but for now, I ASK FOR YOUR HELP!!! Go to your local skate shop or distributor and let them know if you want this in your area." He continued. "We are pre-booking now and I want to make sure that everyone who wants these will get them.

I thank you all for your continued support, I actually can't believe this shoe is coming back out! Like reliving a dream all over again," he said.

He added. "Thank you to Don Brown, Pierre Andre Senizergues, Charlie and everyone else at éS for getting me started in footwear and for bringing back this great memory and milestone from my career."

I hope you're not mad that I posted this," Muska explained. "I couldn't resist anymore!!! Better to ask for forgiveness than permission sometimes."

Congratulations to both Muska and éS!

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