See Chris Wimer in Action With New Raw Footage

No edits are needed when you’re this good

Long Beach is the home of Snoop Dog and Sublime, and also a nice spot for skating. After all, it’s Southern California, and the city has “Beach” in its name. Chris Wimer recently skated down in Long Beach to shoot some clips for CCS. He hit up three spots in the area to showcase his skills, and there are some lovely views. We aren’t just taking about the scenery, either. However, why settle for a few slick, edited clips when you can see raw footage of Wimer in action?

CCS has given us over four minutes of raw shots of Wimer filming his spots. Granted, that’s not a ton of raw footage. It’s not like Wimer only skated for four minutes in Long Beach for all the shooting. That being said, we still get to see a little behind-the-scenes look at Wimer’s shooting process. The video may not be as long as the beach where Wimer is filming, but the video is still a fun watch.

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