Candy Jacobs Gives Us a Tour of Her Home

Candy has a sweet “Krib”

Do you remember the old MTV show Cribz? We didn’t double-check, but in our mind, it was definitely spelt with a “z” at the end. Celebrities gave us tours of their houses, showing us a bunch of Scarface posters and some other interesting stuff. Well, skaters have homes, too. Krux has decided to pick up the mantle from MTV with its own show Krux Kribs. In their latest episode, they pay a visit to Candy Jacobs, who shows us around her house.

Jacobs lives in the Netherlands, so her home has a different vibe than you would find in other countries. Also, skaters don’t necessarily have the same amount of disposable income as some rappers, so Jacobs isn’t living as lavish as some of the old Cribz participants. However, she has a private skatepark, which is nice, especially in 2020. Oh, and there’s a dog involved. Now you want to watch right? When you can do that above.

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