Antihero's Fantastic Voyage is live

Antihero's new video is a ticket to a Voyage

Antihero gives us all a belated Christmas gift with 32 minutes of authentic skateboarding, big sender Grant Taylor kicks off the 'Fantastic Voyage' video tearing up some insane terrain with everything from beefy airs out of coping, massive street gaps, bone-shaking hill bombs, and a bloody hole in his shin. It's clear to anyone watching that Grant still has a lot of fire in him, and he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon!

With classic backyard adventures, draining and cleaning pools to skate them is one of the purest things you can do as a skateboarder, and it's cool to still see how much this is still happening even in your most up-to-date skate video. As long as there are pools, there will also be pool skaters!

Daan Van Der Linden comes in hot, skating some of the most difficult spots with a unique approach. Daan's skating is phenomenal; his footage always has at least one trick or combo that makes you say, "Wtf, I have to rewind that."

And as always, the entertaining Frank Gerwer doesn’t disappoint! Just like Grant, he’s still full of fire! Any footage of Frank is golden, he’s pretty much narrating the video, which is entertaining enough, but he's also throwing down lengthy blunt slides and a hefty street gap to hill bomb!


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