Andy Anderson’s New Pro Shoe is About To Drop

The Etnies ‘&&’ is about to hit stores

Andy Anderson has landed himself another pro shoe with Etnies, and this shoe looks nice and casual; the model he had shown on social media was a dark green suede-based mid-top with a durable lining around the top and sides to slow down the grip tape scuffs. Anderson also shows an older pair which he skated through, and they look like they held up well, and the protector served its purpose!


On Instagram, he posted a video where he's showing off the unreleased product and adds the following caption:

FIRST LOOK at the && SHOE !! @aidancampbell came by and dropped off these puppies as soon as he could and I could not be more STOKED !! THANKS @etniesskateboarding @etnies for making my dreams come true and HUGE THANKS TO @rickmarmolijo for holding my hand through the design process and believing in my ideas !! ALSO THANK YOU @pierreandresenizergues and @don_brown for bringing me into the soletec family :):):):) truly elated !! Also gotta mention @fredvanschie !! Thanks for having my back and for making all this happen bud :):):):):) Mega Thank You to @mattberger_ for getting me connected and on Etnies in the first place !!!! Thanks G SKATE PROOF SHOES !! I DONT Have to use shoe goo or krazy glue again ! These babies are ready for grip tape, not just in the sole, but all around the top and sides :):):):):) WHOOP WHOOP!!

Congratulations on the shoe Andy!


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