Adidas and Skate Jawn Bring Us the Philly Flavor

It’s truly a city of skateboarding love

You may be familiar with filmer and director Chris Mulhern because of his documentary about Philly’s famous skate spot LOVE Park. Clearly, the man has some love for the City of Brotherly Love, because he’s at the helm of a new Philly-centric video that is a collaboration between adidas and Skate Jawn. If you don’t know what “Jawn” means well…yeah we can’t really explain it to you either. We just know it’s a Philadelphia thing, but we aren’t Philadelphians so we can’t speak with any expertise on it. What we can do, though, is point you in the direction of Meridian, the new Mulhern video from adidas and Skate Jawn. It’s bursting with Philly flavor like a cheesesteak, including Philadelphia skaters like Kris Brown, Joey O’Brien, and Jamal Smith. Shout out to Ben Franklin! It’s time to check out Meridian above.

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