You Could Win a Free Miniramp From OC Ramps

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Have you put together your Christmas list yet? Was there a miniramp on there? Guess what? You might be able to get that from your list, and you won’t need Santa (or your parents) to make it happen. Instead, it could be coming your way thanks to OC Ramps. Dave Bachinsky and Cody McEntire from OC have announced a contest where you could end up with your very own miniramp.

You can find the details on the OC Ramps website, but here are some of the details. You need to shoot some trick footage and then submit it to OC. Your video will be judged 60 percent on creativity and 40 percent on skill. Also, as OC points out, we’re in a pandemic here folks, so be sure to socially distance while shooting your video. The deadline for submissions is next Monday, November 30. Bachinsky and McEntire will decide on the grand prize winner, and they will get to choose between an OC miniramp valued at $2,500 or $1,500 in cash. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your submissions ready! Santa may not want to get you a miniramp, but OC definitely does.

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