5 Worst Skateparks in Berlin

We may have a lot of skateparks in Berlin, but they're not all that great

As great as having such a variety of skateparks here in Berlin, don't get excited when you hear there are 50 or whatever parks, because guaranteed, – about 20 or more of them suck!

One of the biggest problems with the parks here is that it seems that, usually, the organizers try to cram as many obstacles into the smallest space possible. This, unfortunately, and more often than not, results in constant congestion and disrupts the flow or potential of the skatepark completely; when more than two people are skating at a time, it quickly transforms into this kind of frustrating session.

Waiting all week for a day free from work, only to get snaked by snot-nosed scooter kids who just want to sit around on the ramps vaping and asking you if you can drop in or do a kickflip.

So let's hop on the list of some of the worst skateparks here in Berlin, where to find them, and why (maybe) better to avoid them.


This park is not the worst on the list, but it's a perfect example of when a park gets too busy and has no consistent flow; you can skate this park for hours when it's just 3 or 4 of you. However, as soon as more people turn up, it becomes frustrating. You have to focus more on not smashing into someone than you can put any focus into trying a trick. 

This park used to be an edgy, crusty DIY street spot, and as dislikable as this new version of dogshit spot can get, there will always be homage paid to the guys that helped build it up from the start.

The park became a big project in 2016, and there was a lot of support from major companies who helped gain funding to bring in concrete skate park experts and project partners at Yamato Living Ramps, who have transformed the DIY into what it is today. This is cool for helping expand the skateboarding community, but personally, the spot was more enjoyable in its original ghetto form.


Again, not the worst, but still a bit shitty. So it deserves a spot on the list! But it is weird, and the obstacles may as well be for trail bike riders because some people can't skate in this park; it's difficult as fuck and doesn't make much sense. Also, the 75 degrees steep flat banks and high volume of rocks are just not my cup of tea.


This one makes you angry on arrival; you travel there hearing about its history and the fun obstacles that inhabit the area. But you are greeted with massive disappointment as you start to notice the damage to the tarmac due to neglect over the years by the local council. Now rotting and breaking its formations, it is still possible to ride it with a cruiser. But there's not much push and shove for your standard street set-up. Them wheels get chewed up!


Located close to Brandenburg Gate, this random little park can be pretty fun but let's face it… It's awful! The floor is fucked, the ramps are made from limestone, and half is covered in moss, another park that makes no sense.


This park is laughable! For most people traveling to Vogelfreiheit skatepark (Tempelhof) for the first time, you will arrive at one of Tempelhof's main entrances; the one closest to the train station is home to this little fun-sized park.

If you haven't seen the famous Tempelhof park before and are not familiar with it in photos or on video, then this tiny park can potentially have you think that's the one everyone talks about! But, of course, that would be nothing short of disappointment when you arrive at this heap of shit thinking you must be at the right spot! Haha.


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