We’ve Got One More Drollbaton Raw Clips For You

Chris Hiett is back one more time

Drollbaton from Powell-Peralta has been the gift that has kept on giving. The video from Landon Belcher and Chris Hiett was dope to begin with, but then the raw footage started flowing. We already showed you one of the videos of the raw stuff from Hiett, but guess what? Powell-Peralta has even more for us.

That’s right, here’s the second part of Drollbaton’s raw clips featuring Hiett. One video wasn’t enough apparently, as there’s another eight minutes here. If you dug the first two videos, why not enjoy the third? It’s not like you’re tired of skate clips, right? Unless Hiett and Powell-Peralta are hiding something, this is your last chance to see Hiett in action in this video. Oh, and you can see him skating on a roof. Seriously. Do that right now.

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