Watch The Trailer For Ryan Sheckler’s Rolling Away

The movie will drop July 28

When a skater of note drops a part, that’s significant. If they deliver a full-length of their own, that turns head. Ryan Sheckler, though, is taking things to a whole new level. He’s got a feature-length film coming out, and now the trail for it has dropped.

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You could argue that Sheckler took the throne from Tony Hawk as the face of skateboarding to a general audience, but he’s still only 33. He’s just been at it for so long you can forget that. Fittingly, Sheckler decided to title an ambitious video Lifer, and his full-length documentary chronicles the filming of Lifer. As Rolling Away shows, though, it was not easy filming such an ambitious part. It took three years to complete the video, years that were littered with injuries and setbacks. If you like “raw” videos of parts being filmed, Rolling Away takes that to a whole new level. It drops on Red Bull TV on July 28. 

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