Watch the Raw Film of a Recent Eetu Toropainen Part

You can see the Finnish skater putting the finishing touches on his tricks

Element Skateboards released “E.S.P. Vol. 2” last year, and now the time has come to see more than ever before. That video included impressive skaters from all over the world. One of them was Eetu Toropainen, the Finnish skater who has made an impact with Element to be sure. He’s gotten the chance to have an “expanded” look at his part be released by Element.

That means a lot of raw footage, of course. There are the attempts that didn’t work out, as with any raw video, as well as some alternate angles and even a few extras. If you are the kind of skateboarding fan who enjoys seeing how the sausage is made and prefers the raw and the real to the polished (or finished, or Finnished) final product, then this expanded look from Element is for you. Check out Toropainen in action:


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