Watch Mike Anderson and Louie Lopez Hit the Streets of LA

Nighttime is the right time for skating

Are you a morning person, or are you a night owl? If you are the latter, you probably are more attuned to the new video from Monster Children. If you’ve ever gone for a late-night walk to see your neighborhood in a whole new way, you can relate to Mike Anderson and Louie Lopez in One Night in LA. Except they aren’t walking. They are skating. Also, there in Los Angeles, a city that never really gets quiet and calm, even late at night.

Still, in a world full of bright, sunny skate videos this one stands out. We also appreciate that Monster Children’s video is in black-and-white, which really makes it pop. It really reframes the evening motif of the video and makes all the lights stand out and create a real atmosphere. Anderson and Lopez are fun to watch anytime of the day. It’s just a little extra fun to see them out there enjoying their evening on their boards. 

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